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Hii. Well I had a super fun weeked. Friday night I went dancingg with my friendss! =) It was awesome because I got to see things like filipelli trying to dance with stephanie and failing horribly, seeing as he's such an awkward moving dancer. He mustve been pretty embarrassed when natalie pulled him over and tried to teach him. Aahahha. Then I had alot of fun when Randy was trying to teach me his awesome spanish-esque dancing ways but I was really bad so I just quit. Aha. And then random things like when they played 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at the end. That was the best.

Then yesterday I went out again with a couple of my friends, but we basically did nothing but eat. Later that night Stephaniee and myselff went to a gala at this convention center (where I have decided since I was 11 that I was going to hold my wedding there :P). The food was good, but we basically just sat around in front of the fireplace at the lobby and listened to my ipod. Muahahah.

Anyway, today's boring day, so I get to study and cook myself food. Joy!
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