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Bahh. What an odd day..

Nothing really to say, I just feel like i should post. Pretty much pointless entry, hmm?

But I really do seem to enjoy this hersheyy bar i found in my drawers, and some black pepper/lime chips my brother dropped of for me before going to work. =D

Shit..it's his birthday tommorow and i havent gotten him anything..andd eughh i don't want to bus to the mall so I have to force someone to drive me to yorkdale tommorow before he gets here. Oopsie. Shit, and I have to go buy some hair product and more toothpaste. AND cleanser. Fuck, im running out of stuff, and I'm bascially broke. SOMEBODYY needs a job. *shakes fist*

FRIDAY IM GOING TO THE PICKLE BARREL WITH SOMEE OF MY BUDDIEES <333 I never went there before, does anyone know how it is? *ponder*
Tags: she loves you- beatless
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