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Wow. Today was the biggest waste of a day. EVER.
First, I woke up at about 8. Started downloading project runway (season 2), because I missed about 85% of the episodes. So after they finished, I watched 12 forty minute long episodes of Project Runway. Thats alot of Tim Gunn. It was pretty awesome, though. But anybody in my house was kind of worried for my sanity, as Santino was corrupting my brain (HE WANTS MY SOUL :()

Then I got here. Family friends house. First we watched the Leafs game (which I never pay attention to), then we watched Just Like Heaven. It was actually way better than I expected, it was sad and funny and all that stuff. Usually I want romantic comedies to burn. Then I was watching SIN CITY (for Jessica Alba, of course), and making dirty jokes with my people. Hahaha. Then I watched pretty in pink, and now smallvilles on so im gonna go.

PS- its two a.m. I cant wait till I leave this house. My gums starting to taste old, and I just ran out.
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