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Happy Birthday Leah!!! you hate it when you know something that your not supposed to know, and its really surprising..and you kind of wish you never heard it so you'd be at peace? And they don't even know anybody knows? And you can't say anything, of course, because you don't want to ruin the person. And what happened affects you to a huge degree, and they don't even know?

thats me.


I feel so emo. :) But it's the truth.

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Taking a break from studying for geo final. I hate geo. It's supposed to be a really hard final, too. Crap.

I really should be studying. I don't want to fail.


Anyway, now I have to go out and buy ink because i have some stuff I need to print, because I didn't have time yesterday to drag my lazy ass to grand & toy. Ah well.

Yay. Friending new people is F-U-N. Hi new Flist. (still adding more :P)


Wherefore is canadian geography so trifling?
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Not much to say. Studying for exams (cha)

Just updating to say


I'd like to take the oppotunity to list your most embarrasing moments with me :) (and 99% of the time michael was there too) (this all happened when we were around 9-10ish)
-"This dress is so general!": no steph, YOUR so general :)
-"I DETESTE COKE.": well, you didnt really say that. That was just me and michael making fun of you cause your rich :P speaking in a british accent (i cant believe i did that- i love british people!)
-"F-U-R-T": im not even going to bother elaborating
-The time you killed stevens hamster, hammy, with michael. Idiots.
-The time you crapped in the mud toilet (oh wait, that was just dried up mud :P)
-The time we made a club in the side of your house and michael made me run through the trees to hurt myself so i could join, but being smart, i just pulled the bushes aside.
-The time michael wanted me to run around the table when the floor was wet, and to prove nothing would happen, he ran and then took a flip.
-Playing buffy all the time :D
-The time when maddie ate the onion grass and you told her i was foreign and couldnt speak english, and she made fun of me, but then i totally got her back by speaking english :D
-The time you explained to me what flavored condoms were for at the store
-Talking about alternate universes "IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE YOU WEREN'T A COW!"
-The time we actually thought we were gonna start a band, and michael was our manager
-The time steven was punching the air while michael was on cam making a video (not really embarrasing for you, but whatever)
-FOUR TABLES. (okay thats mean, but i still laugh)
-The time we made deanne think we were wearing thongs
-The time deanne made her "language"
-The time you choked that girl sarah at the party
-The time you ruined the computer and told me in this really strangled voice "IT SAYS INSERT BOOT DISK"
-The time we ate all of the gummy bears in your house and you confessed to your mom for no reason
-The time we made eggs, and I actually ate them and liked them
-Whenever michael called your friends sluts and you yelled at us (that was a couple of months ago but whatever)
-Me hogging the computer all the time :D
-The time we were reading fully alive in my room and then michael wanted to read so we hid in the closet after
-When you swore to me you would never read harry potter
-The time when andrew took our brothers pokemon cards and we caught him at my brothers confirmation by watching the video, and we hated him after that
-You telling me about unprotected sex and STD's while my parents were in the room
-Playing barbies and designing clothes :D

AND LOTS OF OTHER STUFF but i cant remember :D

one more
-Michaels orange shirt

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Hmm..I think I need to readd more books. I've been re-reading HBP forr umm, i dunno, forever now?? And I have no money to buy books, but im gonna save up so i can read my ass off this year. :D

-Little Women: Louisa May Alcott
-Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen
-Jane Eyre: Charlotte Brontë
-The Ego and the Id: Sigmund Freud
-Collected works on: Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson

=D If you were my favoritest people in the world you would buy me some of thesee :P Oh ya, and theres a bunch of freud books i wanna read, but I can't remember the titles- basically anything on psychoanalysis :P plzkthx
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Hmm, haven't updated in awhile.
Don't really have much to say, lol.
Yesterday I wrote out 11 pages of finals notes. Took me five hours. I almost died of a mental breakdown...

um, ya.
:) Semesters almost over!
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not michael dimech.

what the FUCK
is that PRICKS

have to go. leahs coming over and we have to go buy ice cream and then go visit lucy.

im going to fucking kill him


im going to murder him
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Oh ya, and since me and julia were talking about it, I made a list of WHO I'D DO. And anyone who reads this has to do it! -prods 'natalie' and michael-

-David Tennant
-Daniel Radcliffe
-Raine from Our Lady Peace
-James Rhine
-Sid Vicious (if he were alive, and not always fucking stoned)
-Lead Singer of The Strokes (Julian Casablancas)
-Tom Felton
-Ashton Kutcher & Sean William Scott (well, i'd rather watch them with eachother :P)
-Jake Gyllenhaal
-Alan Rickman as Snape
-Boyd Holbrook
-Sean Biggerstaff

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5 things that piss me off.
Credit to natalie (m1s7resss) but in a very bitter and grudge-y way since she didn't tag me. :)
EDIT: I love her now cause she complimented me and stuff like that. <3!

1.Valley Girls- Woooww these girls piss me off to no end. Alot. Same goes for ginas. Overly loud, obnoxious, clips in their hair that make them look like roosters, tight ass tna pants that are always unwashed and gross. Too much eyeliner and white ass lip gloss, perfectly showing off their off-yellow teeth. -barfs-. Well, some of them are o.k, but the majority are major bitches. And skanks. Most of them. Ohh lets not forget the friggin mirror-slut-pout pictures they take. Le sigh. /endrant

2.Hip Hop Ballads- Pretty Ricky, Massari, shit like that. Theres not much to explain here. They suck and make my ears bleed. Excessively. Same goes for the song 'every time we touch'.

3.People who use chatspeak- Ok, 'lol' 'k' and 'brb', i can take. But wen ppl tlk lyk dis it makes me want to rip my eye sockets out. This pet peeve of mine co-relates to the gina-ism one, because gina's use this type of language (if you can call it that). Most of them.

4.Smoking- Eugh. The smell. The yellow teeth. Everything. It's so gross. Every time i ever think about what it feels like to smoke i feel acid burning holes into my esophagus and lungs. And, to famously quote Leah's mother, "it's like licking a person's dirty asshole.", eugh. Gross.

5.Un-orginization- Things out of placee, anything thats out of routine. I hate it. It's so un-neccessary. I like order and neatness. It's very appealing.

PS- shout out to Brittany, my new dancing partner!! Cause shes oh-so-awesomee and promised me we could dance on the stages at bloor cinema!
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Today i feel like experimenting with these little thingies so i can emphasize what i i want to say. It's funn.

Ivy is in love with Kairi.

this is fun
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